G’day and welcome to Aspen Pro Cycling. Since 1975 I have been racing bikes in some fashion whether it was motocross and flat track, BMX, road cycling, cyclocross and eventually MTB which I now compete as a professional. I have watched the progression of equipment, nutrition and training methods evolve from a place that feels prehistoric when I think about my elite level approach back in the 80’s and 90’s and where water and Vegemite sandwiches were considered sports nutrition. To todays approach where your ability to build a training and nutrition program so sophisticated that it becomes your own. Enormous amounts of data are available to the rider and athlete which on one end can seem overwhelming and almost overkill but on the other hand and with careful selection, a balance can be found that improves performance, helps you go longer, faster and recover more effectively. We aim to be a resource for the endurance athlete providing the most up to date information on training and recovery, nutrition, equipment selection, set up and bike handling skills. How can I help you reach your next level athletic Goal. Reach out and lets chat about training smarter not harder, fueling right for higher level performance and more efficient recovery, choosing equipment that suits you and your style of riding or racing, that feels comfortable and just makes it more fun! Stay tuned for future blogs and chime in anytime with questions and stories of your athletic pursuits and future goals.

Dean Hill – That’s me finishing 2nd in the Pro Men field this summer at the Leadville Silver Rush 50, a proud result.

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