Spring marks for most athletes the start of a new cycle of training and building base fitness that can handle the rigors of the harder work that comes around all too soon. A time of year where after a winterized training approach and where the setting of new goals finds athletes highly motivated. Living in Colorado and like many mountain bound athletes spring represents unique challenges where one day its 65 degrees and sunny and feels like June to the next like today where we are back to skiing fresh powder and its like February never left. Having the ability to shift tools and move from bike to ski to skins and uphill skiing or cross country and even trail and road running all begin to take value.

There was a time where once I switched gears to bike mode and if the weather didn’t cooperate I often went without a workout and missed valuable training. That changed several years ago where I started to race SkiMo and had the ability to extend my aerobic on snow season after the cross country trails had all but melted. At 47 and still trying to race at the Elite Level I can’t afford to miss training opportunities where my abilities to maintain a strong foundation are more challenging and where recovering from workouts day to day becomes all the more difficult especially living and training at 8000′. When the weather throws you a curve ball what do you currently do? What is your ability to adapt your training and make it work around the weather, elevation and terrain and get the work done? ┬áIf you’re a busy corporate soldier who is swamped with a last minute deal or deadline what takes the place of that 3 hour session you had planned with your riding buddies? The training environment is more often not ideal particularly for those of us who work for a living. Challenge your level of adaptability and access to tools that allow you to get outside or inside in the case of an indoor cycling trainer, but regardless allow you to work around the weather, the elevation you live and train at. Where no matter what the transition from Spring to Summer sends your way you can still come out the other side when the sunshine breaks with a strong aerobic base and ready to hit the ground running or pedaling and set up for a summer of personal bests.

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