Our Approach

Athletes First

We believe the athlete comes first. We design personalized cycling training programs that optimize the athletes outcomes and results. Based out of Aspen, Colorado and working globally, we are able to stay flexible enough to create programs that fit the athlete rather than the athlete fitting the program. This level of personalization helps guarantee results, makes training more fun and ultimately meets or exceeds athlete expectations. We find this approach also maximizes success when it comes to staying motivated, completing the work and achieving results. More than anything this forges the relationship between athlete and coach which allows us to share future experiences for years to come.

How We Work

There is no guess work with us. When it comes to our coaching and training we have it down to a science and subscribe to the latest in coaching and training strategies. We design programs that are 100% customized to you. Your result is too important to leave to chance—so we don’t.


Goal Setting

Specific to you be it an overall performance improvements, an event, or general or specific health and wellness goals


Test / Measure / Evaluate

Establish accurate training zones for power and heart rate. Look at current fitness values against your goals. Where you are in relation to where you want to be.


Design Program

Specific to your goals, current fitness level, testing outcome, and time availability


Goals: Realize them

Reap the rewards of the hard work and commitment raising the bar to new levels.


“I had little cycling and no racing experience, but five months before the Leadville 100. I began to implement Dean’s program on a stationary bike in my Manhatten apartment. His commitment, knowledge, and consistenly sound advice allowed me to finish the race in a little over 11 hours—far better than my expectations. Dean is a highly qualified coach.”

Eric zinterhofer


“I was a competitive athlete in college. 20 years and 25 lbs later I decided I wanted to do the Leadville 100 mountain bike races as a way to focus myself and get back in shape. Dean taught me about technique, nutrition and helped to get me into some of the best shape of my life. We have done Leadville twice, La Ruta twice, raced the Cape Epic together and countless other events in between. Dean not only taught me a lot about how to race a bike, he also taught me a lot about myself. I am grateful to have him as a coach and a friend.”

Wade Davis

CEO TelevisaUnivision

“I was lucky to meet Dean Hill in the summer of 2019. He had been recommended by so many people. I had very little cycling experience and my height (6 ft 6) and my weight ( 290 lbs) didn't exactly fit the profile of a cyclist.   Dean had the patience and perseverance to stick with me. We put a training plan together that encompassed many hours of riding accompanied by a strong nutrition plan. 5 months later we were doing an 84 mile Gran Fondo and climbing 8,400 feet.  I consider Dean the best coach I have ever had.”


CEO Soft Bank

Our Team

As athletes ourselves we understand the hard work and focus that goes into achieving results above and beyond what you thought was possible. We take pride in continuing to challenge ourselves athletically setting and reaching towards new goals which allows us to remain in tune with the process, the demands and the results.

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Dean Hill

Dean pursued a cycling path that began in Australia including national level placings in BMX followed by a move to road cycling and racing at the elite level. Following a break of some 10 years and a move to the U.S.A, Dean returned to racing targeting elite mountain bike cross country and endurance which has seen him compete in many of the toughest MTB single day and multi day stage races across the globe. Coaching since 2009, Dean has committed full time to the coaching pathway working with a mix of world tour professionals, domestic pros and amateur cyclists.

Rachel Beck Coach

Rachel Beck

Former pro cyclist Rachel Beck knows how to do hard things--and she knows how to motivate clients to meet their goals with a hefty helping of grit and just the right amount of humor. An Ivy League graduate and collegiate varsity rower, she has lived in Aspen for 15 years and is raising three mountain-obsessed kids, all strong athletes in their own right. Rachel has logged gutsy wins at the Bailey HUNDO, the WEDU 50, the Leadville Stage Race, and the Aspen Power of Two (both in summer on the bike and in winter on skis). But her greatest athletic achievement has been five successful finishes at the Leadville 100, including a sub-9-hour ride. Leadville is Rachel’s kind of race: the tougher, the better. Trained as a biologist, Rachel has a nuanced understanding of exercise physiology and nutrition and is guided by a deep love of the mountains in all their seasons.